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Nevada Shelby American Automobile Club


"Ownership Is Not Essential, Enthusiasm Is

We want to share our enthusiasm with all of you. The Shelby Automobiles are a modern day Legend. We want to capture and spread that Legend to the Old as well as the Young.

I still remember the very first time I got to see and hear a REAL Shelby! I was bitten at that moment. I knew I would own a Shelby someday.

Share this same passion with the youth of today.

I still feel the same as a Shelby goes by. It is a deep respect for some of the Finest Automobiles the world has ever or will ever know.

Thanks go to Carroll Shelby for giving us this excitement today.                        Jim Elsmore   Reno, NV 

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We have not the ability to verify every car for authenticity or accuracy. The parts information is the same way Along with the general typing errors or vin number mix ups or parts numbers recorded wrong. Therefore we highly recommend that your own due diligence be used  to confirm findings. As with Shelby's & Cobra's, much is still being learned.

This site is to help educate us all. If any errors are noticed, please advise the webmaster so he can make updates to the information supplied.


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