Shelby Wheels

1965 Shelby GT350 Crager Wheel

1966 Shelby GT350 10 Spoke Rims

Rim size : 14 x 7

1967 Shelby Magstar

Rim Size : 15 x 7

This has the Shelby Cobra Center cap with an Original "Goodyear Speedway" tire.


Original 1967 Shelby 10 Spokes

Rim size: 15 x 7

Version 1

  1. Original Rims have tapered spokes
  2. Valve Stem is not counter sunk.
  3. S7MS number on back of spokes
  4. Pad below lug nut is present
  5. No DOT markings on back - (wheel was made PRE DOT!)


Reproduction 10 Spokes

  1. Valve Stem is Countersunk
  2. Valve stem is located sometimes (Different Version - Between Spokes)
  3. A pad in non-existent below lug nuts
  4. No S7MS numbers on rim.
  5. DOT markings on inside of rim

2nd Generation 10-Spoke

Note: The valve stem is on the inside of rim.


1969/70 Shelby 5 Spoke Rim