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1965 GT350 

The first 65 Shelby's came with an all fiberglass hood with a round hole plenum or nicknamed 

"Port Hole" (Car # 001-113)


Hood-one piece fiberglass with integral scoop, held closed by two racing. type klik-pins (Car # 113-500)


The 1965 GT350 also came with a steel frame inner structure fiberglass hood that was introduced early on #122 or so and used intermittently through out production ( a better hood, but apparently harder to get)

1966 GT350

 Hood-one piece fiberglass with integral scoop; held closed by two racing-type klik-pins;


Also a Steel Framed Fiberglass hood was used as well.


Some later cars used steel hoods with steel scoop and stock Mustang latching mechanism


1967 GT350/GT500

The nose is set back on 1967 Shelby hoods.

Early Cars received a Metal Framed Fiberglass hood (And Trunk lid as well)

There are louvered hoods, mostly came on AC equipped cars.

The Original Fiberglass hoods have a "glassed" in Metal insert for the latch to attach.


Thanks to Kenny Beers, NY for Type II Hood pics from his Car - 1967 GT500 #2868

Plaza Glass Stickers were placed on Fiberglass Hoods & Decklids of 1967 Shelby (and 66-67 Fairlanes as well!) - they were not applied to steel framed hoods & decklids!

Thanks to Michael Chludzinski, NY -  for the PLAZA GLASS Info & Pics!


1968 GT350/GT500


The nose moved forward on the 1968 Shelby's

Hood-one-piece fiberglass with scoop and louvers; two push-twist Dzus fasteners with stock latching mechanisms

1969 GT350/GT500

Hood-one piece fiberglass with 3 NACA ducts and 2 rear-facing vents

1970 GT350/GT500

The 1970 Shelby got a pair of gloss black Stripes on the hood. (Flat Black on Black Jade Cars)

Picture Courtesy of Jeff Mays, GA

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