Nevada Shelby American Automobile Club


Engine Compartment Detailing

1964 ˝ thru 1966

Accelerator Bracket

Natural, black

Accelerator Bracket: (return spring)

Natural, zinc phosphate

Accelerator Linkage

Natural, cadmium plated; bolt zinc phosphate

Accelerator Rod

Natural, cadmium; clip phosphate; stud to head

/nut cadmium, zinc; bolt/washer zinc

Accessory Brackets

Black; wingnut natural, cadmium

Air Cleaner

'64 1/2- '65 (170) Orange Red

'64 1/2- (260) Orange red, gold or light blue

'64 1/2-'65 (289) Gold; snorkel blue

Hi-Po gold with chrome cover

'65 (200) Orange red or blue

'66 Sprint Chrome

'66 (all) Ford Corporate Blue

Air Cleaner Down Tube

Black, '66 blue

Air Cleaner Heat Rise Bracket

Natural~ nut natural

Air Cleaner Heat Rise Tube

Color of air cleaner, 260-289 black

Air Cleaner Snout

Color of air cleaner except 260-289 black;

screws natural

Air Cleaner Vacuum Hose

Black, blue stripe, MX marking

Air Conditioner Bolts

Natural; to compressor base cadmium, zinc;

ground bolt zinc dichromate; bolt/washer

cadmium plated, zinc dichromate

Air Conditioner Bracket

Natural, black; '64 1/2 mayor may not have shroud; screw/washer to rear brace zinc, cadmium; screw/washer to compressor

phosphate red

Air Conditioner Clutch

Argent silver

Air Conditioner Compressor

Black, natural aluminum

Air Conditioner Compressor Bracket

Black; bolt to engine natural

Air Conditioner Condenser


Air Conditioner Hose Connections

Natural; clamps zinc coated

Air Conditioner Idler Pulley

Black base, natural, black

Air Conditioner Lines


Air Conditioner Pulley

Large, Argent silver, black

Air Conditioner Shroud


Air Conditioner Spacer



Natural aluminum, no shield with '64 1/2 AC; nut zinc dichromate

Alternator Markings

38 Amp purple, 42 Amp orange, 45 Amp black

55 Amp red

Alternator Bracket

Natural semi-flat or semi-gloss black;

bolt/washer cadmium plated, clear cadmium,

zinc plated

Alternator Fan

Natural ,zinc dichromate, gold cadmium

Alternator Fan Pulley

Zinc dichromate, cadmium, gold plated

Alternator Spacer

Natural aluminum yellow dichromate, pink


Automatic Transmission Filler Tube

Color of block; handle black

Automatic Transmission Lines



Autolite 22F or 24F

Battery Caps

Staful red or green; 64 1/2 tartop, red caps

Battery Hold Down Bracket


Battery Hold Down Bolt

Natural; carriage bolt phosphate & lubricant

Battery Ground Cable

Black FOMOCO/ Autolite

Battery Positive Cable

Red, '64 1/2 may be black, FOMOCO/ Autolite

Battery Shield/Deflector

'65-'66 on positive post, black;

'66 Optional fender shield, black

Battery Tray Black;


phosphate & lubricant

Bell Housing



Ink Stamped, FOMOCO/ Autolite

Block & Heads

'64 1/2-'65 Black, '65 (260) black or blue '66 Ford Corporate Blue

Brake Backing Plate

Black; locknut/bolt natural

Brake Booster


Brake Booster Tube Assembly

3-way tee & elbow natural; plug tee zinc

Brake Drums


Brake Junction Block

Natural brass

Brake Lines

Natural, tin plated; clips cadmium,

phosphate coated

Brake Proportioning Valve

Natural Cast iron; union natural

Build Tag

Natural, found on some Dearborn & Metchuen

Bypass Hose Connection

Unpainted, '66 hose stamped FOMOCO painted blue

Cables, Starter



Natural, FOMOCO/ Autolite:

Shelby 715 cfm Holley (std trans),

Autolite 595 cfm (auto trans); nuts cadmium

Carburetor Choke Heat Tube

Natural, with Asbestos cover (white color) joined with cadmium plated clip; one line bare steel; clips zinc phosphate

Carburetor Gasket

Color of block or brownish red

Carburetor ID Tag

Blue anodized aluminum; '66 CA: brass

Carburetor Return Spring

Green: '65 170,200,260: '66 200

Orange: '65 260,289: '66 289

Carburetor Riser/Spacer

Color of block or natural with over spray of block color

Carburetor Stud for Return Spring

Cadmium plated

Carburetor Vacuum Fitting



Natural, tower type

Clutch Cross Shaft

Black, cadmium

Clutch Fan Blades

Black; nut aluminum

Clutch Fan

Natural, aluminum, gold cadmium; center zinc dichromate

Clutch Linkage

Natural, cadmium plated

Clutch Release Bar


Clutch Return Spring

Natural, blue


FOMOCO/Autolite, yellow top, black case

Coil Bracket

Natural ,zinc phosphate, black; screw natural

Coil ID Tag


Compartment Walls

Semi-gloss black with flattener

Crank End


Crankshaft Bolt

Cadmium plated, zinc phosphate, heat treated

Crankshaft Pulley

Flat black


Natural aluminum

Distributor Advance Band

Gold, zinc dichromate

Distributor Advance Plug

Zinc dichromate

Distributor Advance Hose

Yellow stripe, MX

Distributor Cap

Black plastic, #1 on inside, '64 1/2 has oiler

FOMOCO script or Autolite; '66 block lettering

Distributor Cap Hold Down Brackets


Distributor Hold Down

Natural cast iron; bolt cadmium plated

Distributor Retard Hose

Red stripe, MX

Distributor Vacuum Control Valve

Brass with block color over spray

Dress-Up Kit

'64 1/2-'66 chrome valve covers, bolts/washers,

air cleaner, dipstick, oil filter cap, master

cylinder cap (non-disc), radiator cap.

Driveshaft Loop


Engine Accessory Bracket Bolts


Engine ID Tag

Natural, aluminum

Engine Front Cover

Color of block

Engine Mount Bolts

Natural ,phosphate to frame; nuts cadmium plated

Engine Mount Brackets

Black, natural

Engine Mount Insulators

Black rubber; bolts cadmium, natural, phosphate

Engine Mount "L" Bracket

Natural, zinc phosphate

Engine Mount Markings

Right yellow; Left green

Engine Support Bolts


Exhaust Manifolds

Natural, over spray engine color

Exhaust Manifold Bolts/Washers

Natural "F" in center of bolts. steel heat treated

Exhaust Manifold Choke Tube Clip

Cadmium plated

Exhaust Manifold Locks


Exhaust Manifold Studs

Coarse thread, shouldered nut, natural, cadmium plated

Export Brace

Black. dark gray

Export Brace Bolt

Zinc dichromate; screw/washer phosphate & oil


Black; bolts cadmium plated. zinc phosphate

Fan Clutch

Natural aluminum; center gold cadmium; spring natural; nut zinc phosphate

Fan Pulley


Fan Spacer

Natural aluminum

Fan Shroud

Black. '64 1/2-'66 with AC

Fender Bolts, Inner

Natural, phosphate & oil, black; screw & washer phosphate & oil

Fender Bolts, Outer

Natural, phosphate & oil

Fender Bolts, to Unibody

Screw/washer/clip/retainer phosphate & oil

Fender Splash Shield, Front/rear

Staples tinned; screws phosphate & oil


Same as engine compartment but with partial undercoating

Freeze Plugs

Diamond trademark, color of block

Fuel Canister


Fuel Filter

Autolite; steel washer

Fuel Line Brackets

Color of block

Fuel Lines, Flexible

Black rubber, nylon, "GAS" markings on short

hose from filter mounting clamps silver; clips


Fuel Lines, Rigid

Natural, tin plated; clips natural, cadmium

Fuel Pump

Natural aluminum; zinc dichromate top &

bottom 8 cyl. Carter, 6 cyl. Autolite/AC/Carter

Fuel Sender

Zinc dichromate


Black; spacer natural

Generator Bracket

Black, natural

Generator Fan


Generator Heat Shield

Front black; rear natural, black


Argent; GT's blacked out; bolts natural

Grill Opening Finish Panel

Screw silver

Harmonic Balancer

Color of block, black, natural

Harmonic Balancer Bolts

Clear cadmium, zinc phosphate

Head Bolts

Color of block

Headers, Shelby

Steel, natural

Heat Riser Tube


Heater Hose

Black with white stripe to pump side ribbed (5)

Heater Hose Clamps

Natural, pedestal small, zinc dichromate

Heater Hose Tube


Heater Motor


Heater Motor Delete Panel

Screws phosphate & oil

Hood Bumper

Jam nut zinc; nut/retainer phosphate & oil

Hood Catch


Hood to Cowl Seal

Screw phosphate & oil

Hood Dowel Pin

Zinc dichromate; washer/nut phosphate & oil

Hood Hinges

Natural ,zinc phosphate plating, oil dipped; '64 1/2 black or natural

Hood Hinge Bolts

Natural, zinc phosphate, phosphate & oil

Hood Latch

Gray, phosphate, oil dipped

Hood Lock Support/Brace

Black, dark gray; screw/washer, nut/retainer,

locknut phosphate & oil

Hood Moulding


Hood Release


Hood Underside

Same as exterior; Shelby's may be black



ID Tags


Intake Manifold

Color of block; Shelby’s aluminum

Intake Manifold Bolts

Clear cadmium, zinc phosphate; Shelby's engine color

Intake Manifold Bracket to Accelerator

Clear cadmium, zinc phosphate

Intake Manifold Fitting, rear

Brass; '66 gold replacement lockwasher/bolt cadmium

Intake Manifold Water Neck


Master Cylinder Cap

Natural, black: '64 1/2 has brake light switch,

copper, black; '65-'66 no hole; with disc, yellow/gold cadmium plated cap.

Master Cylinder Clips, bail

Natural, gold cadmium plated

Master Cylinder

Natural, dark gray;'64 1/2 low gloss black, natural

Oil Dipstick Tube

Color of block; handle color of block

Oil Filler Cap


Oil Filter

Color of block, Replacement Filter for ’64 12/ thru 65 Rotunda Red, late ‘65-‘66 Gold Rotunda

Oil Pan

Color of block; washer/screw zinc; bolt cadmium

Oil Pressure Sending Unit

Natural, zinc dichromate

PCV Hose Clip

Gold cadmium; clamp zinc

PCV Metal Block

Color of block

PCV Valve

Natural or color of block

Power Brake Booster

Gloss black

Power Brake Hose Clips

Spring style, phosphate; Band type, cadmium

Power Steering Arm

Natural; nuts/bolts silver cadmium

Power Steering Canister


Power Steering Control Valve

Natural; hose metal wrap; bolts zinc phosphate

Power Steering Cylinder Assembly

Nut to idler cadmium; to mounting bracket

cadmium; checknut zinc; castlenut case

hardened; clamp screw/ washer natural

Power Steering Dipstick

Natural, zinc plated, color of block

Power Steering Hoses

Zinc dichromate metal wrap; retainer/bracket screw natural

Power Steering Pulley

Black, natural; bolt to pulley/washer zinc; lockwasher cadmium

Power Steering Pump

Black; aluminum canister, blue or black Baton Pump silver; nut phosphate

Power Steering Pump Cap

Natural tin

Power Steering Pump Bracket

Black, natural; bolts zinc phosphate bolt to pump cadmium, zinc, natural; washer natural; nut cadmium; lockwasher/nut rivet zinc;bolt to support zinc, cadmium; nut to underbody cadmium, zinc; 3/8 washer natural; 7/16 washer zinc; 1/2 washer case hardened; bolt/nut/washer to engine natural; support to engine screw phosphate

Power Steering Reservoir

Black; '64 1/2 natural top; '65-'66 black or teal; stud/wingnut/washer/bolt zinc; spring nut natural; bolt to fender zinc;locknut zinc,cadmium

Power Steering Spacer (where used)



Gloss black

Radiator Bolts

Natural; radiator to support zinc; washer cadmium; nut phosphate & oil

Radiator Cap

'64 1/2-'65 SMCO/ AC 14 PSI. natural. Zinc plated, brass rivet; '66 SMCO/ Autolite~ Optional chrome plated (HiPo's & Shelbys) Shelby's may also be zinc plated

Radiator Hose


Radiator Hose Clamps

Natural, zinc dichromate pedestal

Radiator Lower Bar Assembly

Screw zinc

Radiator Overflow Tube


Radiator Shroud

AC equipped & 4V, black

Radiator Support Panel

Black; nut/screw to radiator zinc; screw/retainer phosphate & oil

Radiator Support Seal, 6 cyl engines

Staples tinned

Shifter Linkage

Natural, phosphate


Painted black; Shelby's '65 Koni adjustable orange, early '66 orange, Koni black

Shock Mounting Bolts


Shock Tower Brace

Black, some dark gray

Shock Tower Brace Hardware

Black, natural screw/washer/nut phosphate & oil

Shock Tower Mounts

Black, natural

Spark Plug Wires

FOMOCO/Autolite "Radio Rest" ; '64 1/2 FOMOCO black boots,;'66 orange or black boots; Hi-Po's "SK" script: white, yellow, green or orange boots


Black, FOMOCO~ '66 Autolite; bolts natural

Starter Band

Black, aluminum casting, natural

Starter Cable


Starter Relay

'64 1/2-'65 maroon red, zinc plated top, FOMOCO~ '65-'66 black, zinc plated top~ bolts natural

Steering Column

Color of Interior; clamp nut! washer natural

Steering Column Tube Flange

Locknut cadmium, zinc

Steering ID Tag


Steering Linkage


Steering Gear Box

Natural cast iron; bolt zinc

Support Braces, engine compartment

Black; bolts natural

Sway Bar

Black; Markings Right yellow, Left green

Sway Bar Bracket


Thermostat Housing

Color of block, neck natural

Timing Cover

Color of block

Transmission Cooling Lines


Vacuum Advance

Natural; aluminum diaphragm, base silver cadmium; nipple gold zinc dichromate

Vacuum Fitting, Intake

Color of block; lines black; rear brass

Vacuum Hose Clamps

Natural with engine color over spray

Valve Covers

Steel; '64 1/2 (170),'65 (200) Orange/red or blue '64 1/2 (260) Orange/red, gold or blue '64 112-'65 (289) gold '66 (all) blue HiPo's chrome plated Shelby's '65-66 natural aluminum finned;'66 Black crinkle finish

Valve Cover Bolts

Cadmium plated, zinc plated; '66 occasionally two blue bolts per side

Voltage Regulator

'64 1/2 with generator, black FOMOCO yellow script; '65-'66 Autolite black yellow or silver script; '66 Autolite blue, yellow, or silver script; early '65 black with silver script~ bolts zinc dichromate

Water Pump Assembly

Color of block

Water Pump Pulley

Black; bolts zinc phosphate

Windshield Washer Reservoir

'64 1/2-'65 black with white print, screw lid

'66 black with white or gold print, flip lid

Windshield Washer Pump

Natural; screws natural

Wire Separators



Black plastic wrapping with no adhesive backing tied in knot at end of harness

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