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1969 -1970 SHELBY/GT350/500


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  Shelby Vehicle Identification Number 
9 Model Year (9-1969; 0-1970)
F Assembly Plant (Dearborn, MI)  
02 Body Code (02 - 2 Dr. Fastback; 03 - 2 Dr. Convertible)
M Engine Code: M - 351 Windsor, GT350;

R - 428 Cobra-Jet GT500

48 Shelby Code (In all Shelby Serial Numbers, 1969-1970, not used on any other Ford vehicles)
Consecutive Shelby production number, (begins with 1969-1970  
00001 and ends with last car built-Highest number known to date is 3204
  1969-1970 Shelby Exterior Color Codes  
  D -Acapulco Blue; C-Black Jade; 4 -Silver Jade; F-Gulfstream Aqua ; 6 -Pastel Grey; T-Candy Apple Red; B -Royal Maroon; J-Grabber Blue; U -Grabber Green; V-Yellow Grabber; H - Grabber Orange
  Interior: 3A - Black; 3W-White;3D - Red (Rare)



        Stock color-Acapulco Blue, Black Jade, Silver Jade, Gulfstream Aqua, Pastel Grey, Candy Apple Red, Royal            Maroon, Grabber Blue, Grabber Green, Grabber Yellow, Grabber Orange

        Hood-one piece fiberglass with 3 NACA ducts and 2 rear-facing vents

        Front bumpers one-piece, chrome; unique to Shelbys

        Grille-wire mesh and chrome

        Front valance-fiberglass

        Front fenders-fiberglass with brake cooling inlets covered by wire mesh

        Driving lights-rectangular Lucas units

        Side scoops-fiberglass; fastback on upper fender, convertible halfway down on quarter, non-functional

        Wheels-15x7 spoke aluminum center with chrome steel rim

        Rear spoiler-one piece trunk lid with separate end caps and lace trim in recesses

        Taillights-'65 Thunderbird, sequential



        Stock color- black, white & red

        Convertible top colors- black, white

        Gauges-Faria oil pressure and amps, mounted in console

        Roll bar-functional, with shoulder harnesses on inertia reels; convertibles had vinyl cover



        351 C.I.O./290 H.P. Windsor short block and heads

        Aluminum hi-rise intake manifold "Shelby" lettered

        470 CFM Autolite carburetor

        'COBRA' finned aluminum solid-Ietter valve covers with black krinkle-finish

        Ram-Air induction

        Power steering mandatory

        Air conditioning optional



        428 C.I.O./355 H.P. Cobra Jet short block

        428 Cobra-Jet Heads

        Cast iron intake manifold

        735 CFM Holley carburetor

        428 COBRA JET' finned aluminum valve covers (no name)

        Ram-Air induction

        Power steering mandatory

        Air conditioning optional



        4 speed-Ford cast iron top loader with close ratio gears

        Automatic-Ford FMX (GT350)

              Automatic-Ford C6 (GT500)


        Standard-9-in. Ford open

        Optional- Traction-Lok



        Standard Mustang 'heavy duty' suspension

        Ford Adjust O-Matic shock absorbers

        Staggered rear shocks on GT500 (Manual Trans. Only)



        Front discs; rear drums-power assist

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