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1968 SHELBY GT350/GT500/GT500KR


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  Shelby Vehicle Identification Number    Ford Vehicle Identification Number
8 Model Year   Ford Vehicle Identification Number Duplicate of the Shelby VIN, but without the consecutive Shelby production number
T Assembly Plant (Methuchen, NJ) 1968 Shelby Color Code Exterior: A-Raven Black, I-Lime Green Metallic;  M-Wimbledon White; Q-Medium Blue Metallic; R-Dark Green Metallic; T-Candy Apple Red; W-Yellow; X-Dark Blue Metallic; Y-Gold Metallic.
02 Body Code (02 - 2 Dr. Fastback; 03 - 2 Dr. Convertible)    Interior Trim Code:6A-Black; 6F-Saddle
J Engine Code (J - GT350 with 302; S - GT500 with 428; R -GT500KR with 428 cobra Jet engine)    
143352 FORD Consecutive production number -(6 digits)    
12345 Shelby Consecutive production number: (Begins with 00001 and ends with 04450)    




        Stock color--:Raven Black, Lime Green Metallic, White, Medium Blue Metallic,

           Dark Green Metallic, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue Metallic, Gold Metallic .

        Hood-one-piece fiberglass with scoop and louvers; tow push-twist Dzus fasteners with stock latching mechanism

        Nose-four piece fiberglass (includes front valance) .

        Front valance - fiberglass

        Grille-wire mesh

        Driving lights-two rectangular lucas or Marchal mounted inside grille opening

        Brake scoops-fiberglass, non-functional

        Side scoops, upper-used to vent air from interior (not as actual scoops)

        Wheels, stock-15x6 steel wheels with hubcaps a.nd Shelby centers

        Wheels, optional-15x7 aluminum 10-spoke

        Rear spoiler-fiberglass, one-piece, deck lid

        Taillight-'65 Thunderbird, sequential turn signals



        Stock color-black or saddle

        Center console-padded console lid with Shelby snake logo embossed

        Gauges-Stewart Warner oil pressure and amps

        Roll bar-functional, with shoulder harnesses on inertia reels; convertible roll bar had vinyl cover

        Tilt steering column-optional




        302 C.I.D./250 H.P. Ford short block and heads

        COBRA' finned aluminum solid letter valve covers in black krinkle-finish

        'COBRA' aluminum hi-rise intake manifold (with large letters)

        600 CFM Holley carburetor

        'COBRA' finned aluminum oval air cleaner

        Power steering mandatory

        Paxton supercharger optional

        Air conditioning optional

GT500 .

        428 C.I.D./360 H.P. 'Police Interceptor' short block

        Ford 410 heads

        'COBRA' leMans' finned aluminum valve covers (Black crinkle finish)

        Aluminum hi-rise PI intake manifold

        Holley 715 CFM carburetors

        'COBRA' finned aluminum oval air cleaner

        Power steering mandatory

        Air conditioning optional


Optional 427 engine-while this option appeared on the original factory dealer literature no such option was ever offered (it was cancelled after the literature had been printed); some larger dealers may have installed these engines on customer request and doubtless owners made the swap themselves.



        428 C.I.D./360 H.P. 'Police Interceptor' short block

        428 Cobra-Jet Heads

        Cast Iron Cobra-Jet Intake Manifold

        735 CFM Holley Carburetor

        'COBRA leMans' finned aluminum valve covers (Black krinkle-finish)

        Functional Ram-Air 'Air Cleaner' Assembly



        4 speed-Ford cast iron top-loader with close ratio gears

        Automatic-C-4 in GT350s; C-6 in GT500s and GT500KRs

        Oil cooler, standard in GT500s, GT500KRs with automatic transmissions



        Standard-9-in. Ford open

        Optional- Traction-lok



        Standard Mustang 'heavy duty' suspension

        Special variable rate coil and leaf springs

        Larger front sway bar

        Gabriel shock absorbers (Koni shocks optional) *

        Staggered rear shocks on GT500KRs (4 speed cars only)



        Front discs, rear drums; power assisted

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