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1967 Shelby Statistics

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  Shelby Vehicle Identification Number    Ford Vehicle Identification Number
67 Model Year  7 Model Year (1967)
2 Engine (2-289 HP) (4-428) R Assembly Plant (San Jose, California)
0 Transmission (0- 4 Speed, 1-AutomaticTrans) 02 Body Code (2 Dr. Fastback)
0 Base Vehicle Component (1-Ford Air Conditioning;2  - Thermactor exhaust emission; 3-A/C with Thermactor exhaust) K Engine Code (289/271 HP) ;

Q - 428 Police Interceptor

F Body Style (F-Fastback) 123456 Consecutive Unit Number
2 Exterior Color Code: (1-Bronze Metallic; 2-Dark Blue Metallic; 3- Raven Black; 4-Wimbledon White; 5-Dark Moss Green; 6- Medium Metallic Gray; 7- Lime Green; 8-Brittany Blue; 9-Red; O-Medium Blue/Acapulco Blue)    
A Interior Trim Code: (A-Black; U-Parchment or White) (Early cars had no interior code)    
1234 Consecutive production number: (Begins with 0001 and ends with 03225)    





        Stock color-Bronze Metallic, Dark Blue, Raven Black, Red, Wimbledon White, Dark Moss Green, Medium Metallic Gray, Lime, Gold Metallic, Brittany Blue, Acapulco Blue

        Optional Lemans stripes-dealer-installed, usually white on all cars, blue on white cars

        Hood--0ne piece fiberglass with integral scoop; racing-type klik-pins used with standard Mustang latching mechanism; some air conditioned cars had louvered hoods

        Nose--0ne-piece fiberglass

        Lower valance-fiberglass

        Grille-steel mesh mounting high beams

        Brake scoops-fiberglass, functional on early cars

        Upper scoops-used to vent air from interior (not as actual scoops); first 200 cars had running lights on them

        Wheels, stock-15x6 steel wheels with Thunderbird hubcaps, Shelby center caps

        Wheels, optional- Kelsey-Hays 'Magstar' 15x7 aluminum centers with chrome steel rims on early cars; 15x7 aluminum 10-spoke wheels on later cars

        Rear spoiler-fiberglass, one-piece, deck lid; separate end caps

        Taillights-'67 Cougar units without vertical chrome trim; non-sequential



        Stock color-black, parchment (a few white)

        Steering wheel-aluminum 3-spoke with wood rim; plastic center cap with GT350 or GT500 logo

        Gauges -Stewart Warner oil pressure & amp. mounted beneath dash in Rally-Pac type bezel

        Roll bar-functional, with shoulder harnesses on inertia reels



        289 C.I.D./271 H.P. Ford Hi-Po block and heads

        'COBRA' finned aluminum solid letter valve covers in black crinkle-finish

        'COBRA' aluminum hi-rise intake manifold with large letters

        715 CFM Holley carburetor (595 Autolite on cars with auto trans)

        Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds with dual exhaust, special chrome tips

        Power steering mandatory optional

        Paxton supercharger and air conditioning optional



        428 C.I.D./355 H.P. Ford 'Police Interceptor' short block and heads

        'COBRA' Lemans' finned aluminum valve covers (Nat. Finish)

        Aluminum dual quad intake manifold (C7ZX) Type

        Twin Holley 650 CFM carburetors

        'COBRA' finned aluminum oval air cleaner (Nat. Finish)

        Power steering mandatory option

        Air conditioning optional

        427 engine option-although listed as such in factory literature probably fewer than 6 such cars were built by Shelby; only one is known. Some larger dealers swapped engines on special order and many owners performed this modification after purchase. In any case, documentation of such cars is impossible with out original factory or dealer paperwork.



        4 speed-Ford close-ratio top-loader

        Automatic-C-4 in GT350; C-6 'Police Special' in GT500



        Standard-9-in. Ford open

        Optional-Ford Traction-Lock or Detroit Locker



        Standard Mustang 'heavy duty' suspension

        Larger .94-in. front sway bar

        Special variable rate coil and leaf springs

        Gabriel shock absorbers (These were Autolite Adjustable) - (Koni shocks were Dealer installed as an option, Bob Gaines Says, "Documentation needed to prove if it was dealer installed when sold NEW (which is extremely rare) BG


        Front discs; rear drums-power assist was mandatory option

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